About Us

After 20+ years leading industry teams in a top global law firm and as the head of the Mediterranean legal practice at a Big4 and a member of the Global Strategic Committee (Law), a solid team of well reputed lawyers set up LS CUBE Studio Legale, with the overbold ambition to CAPSIZE the concept of global law firm. No more tenths of offices worldwide, with inevitable quality consistency, internal competition and  high cost issues, but a small team offering MULTI-LINGUAL MULTI-JURISDICTIONAL AND MULTI-DISCIPLINARY SERVICES to its clients. A flexible and agile structure, VERTICALLY FOCUSED ON FEW SELECTED INDUSTRIES, ready to identify and  partner with the best lawyers and other specialists on the market, to shape the best team for each  client, for each matter, at a fraction of average costs. Our innovative business model aims at:
  • assisting our clients in their strategic transactions with fully committed partners;
  • freeing up time of internal resources to let them focus on the company’s core business;
  • turning fix costs into variable costs;
  • improving service quality through continuously measured outputs;
  • simplifying processes;
with the result of creating efficiency and materially reducing costs. In its first 5 years, LS CUBE has already assisted its clients (including US Head Quartered Global Pharmaceutical Companies, innovative biotech, EU banking and insurance groups and primary global Italian industrial groups) in corporate, contractual, regulatory, compliance, public affairs and litigation matter in over 50 jurisdictions worldwide.