Legal Public Affairs

Our team handles technical and policy assistance for the major Global Pharmaceutical Companies as well as for the innovative life science biotech and start-up companies in orphan drugs, ATMP, food. Our services include:

– Liaisons with MEF, MISE, IVASS, Bank of Italy, ANIA, ABI, MoH, AIFA,
– Legislative drafting (question time, amendments, law bills)
– Organization of technical table and stakeholder’s engagement plan
– Legislative monitoring
– Coalition building (with think tank, association, foundation, alliances)
– Media affairs activities Management
– Organizational secretary for Institutional Events
– Policy and advocacy support
– Draft of policy institutional survey on level of knowledge at institutional level on various issues

Our track record includes:

  • Ideating, promoting and managing the first multi-stakeholder policy Italian driver coalition on ATMPs, counting all the main global players in the sectors
  • Assistance on and securing approval of the advertising campaign of an emergency contraceptive product
  • Ideating, promoting and managing an integrated multi-stakeholder health platform to test the citizens’ generational expectation on healthcare 2030, counting different innovative players among which also of the digital and insurance industry